Thursday, July 12, 2012

Open-Air music concerts are for summer!!

     In my home town in France, I love summer time, who doesn't??? I'm especially wiating for the "Café de l'Eté" or Summer Café which is a music festival spread over end of june until early august. Music groups or singers come and entertain us in the townhall garden, just behind the main square.  I always go to one or two concerts at least. This year i won't be able to enjoy it as I'm in Estonia. but not anywhere in Estonia, in the summer capital, Pärnu. 
    That means lots of activities, festivals to attend after work. As I'm missing those open-air concerts in France, I was very happy to see they organised the same thing here. This one is every week on wednesday at 7pm, close to the beach. They decided to focus this year on swing and jazz music and they asked groups from around Pärnu or close to the city. That's really cool they opted for that. This way, groups will have at least a few dates to promote and will be enjoy a wonderful public. 

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