Saturday, March 30, 2013

Minu Eestimaa - Estonia and me, an exhibition in France

Hello Everybody,

Long time no see!! or no writting better said. I haven't forgotten Estonia. Not the least. I am preparing a photo exhibition like I did in my organisation just before I left the country. I would like to raise 500€ to print the pictures in a foam-board to give better results.

If you want to help me in this project, go to this page. It's a crowfunding website like Kickstarter if you know it. It is safe as it is regulated. The money will not be withdrawned from your account before the end of the period (April 10th) and only if we reach the goal of 500€. According to your pledge, you could receive a great reward: a copy of one of the pictures I will pick up for the exhibition. The higher you pledge, the bigger the picture could be. 

Don't wait more and visit the page for my exhibition, Minu Eestimaa - Estonia and me.

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