Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to my blog !

In this tiny piece of Internet, you will find texts and news about my experience as a European Volunteer in Parnu on the west coast of Estonia.

I will share my thoughts, what I like or hate, my visits, my photos and all those little things that make an experience unforgetable.

Whether you like or hate, want to make comments, do not hesitate to write a message in this blog. I will try to answer to all and update as often as possible. 



  1. Hallo Pierre!
    My name is Merike. I just read article about You in Pärnu Postimees. It's so interesting to read Your blog because I come from Pärnu, but I have been almost 12 months in Georgia where I'm doing my EVS:) I write to You because I'm coming home, Pärnu, in April (my project ends) and I just want to offer You my free time - if You need one Estonian volunteer for organize some invent or just share experiences - it will be my pleasure to help You :)
    My contact is:
    With best regards,

  2. That's cool you're doing an EVS in Georgia. I will write you tomorrow, I may need you indeed for some events, may be something for Europe Day. Enjoy your last moment in Georgia and see you in Parnu!!