Saturday, January 14, 2012

The EVS, whatisthat?

First, I will explain what is a European Voluntary Service or EVS.

What ?
The EVS is a part of the european program « Youth in Action » which includes among other actions youth exchange, youth in the world, the European Voluntary Service.
Every young european from 13 to 30 can apply for a voluntary work in one of the accredited organisations in another european country, other than his native country. They can choose among a wide range of subjects like environment, health, social exclusion, art and culture, children, minorities, european awareness.

How ?
The EVS is rely on a contract between the sending organisation, the volunteer and the host organisation. The volunteer will have a tutor who will help them to set up their application, to prepare for departure and in the host country.
After the application receives the ok for the project, the host or sending organisation will receive fundings from the EU to cover for all charges (transport, accomodation, food, insurance, training). It allows all EVS hopefuls to have an interesting and great experience without declining due to money problem, thus impeding the mobility of young Europeans. In the host organisation, the volunteer will receive some pocket money to cover for personal extras.

When ?
From 2012, all projects can be sent to the national agency on three different dates each year, instead of five before. All applications must be sent at the lastest at the date of the « round » that correspond to the date of departure and it's usually done by the host organisation. The deadlines are now :
February, 1st: for projects starting between May, 1st and October, 31st of the same year
May 1st: for projects starting between August, 1st of the same year and January, 31st of the following year
October, 1st : for projects starting between January, 1st and June 30st of the follwoing year.

The EVS can be short term (from 2 weeks to 2 months) or long term (from 6 months to 12 months). After completion of the EVS, the volunteer will receive a Youthpass, a personal accreditation and recognition of his abilities developped or learned during his EVS.

For Further information :
Youth in Action: Site dedicated to the European program
Database of accredited organisations: you can have a look on the different organisations and themes of the projects.

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