Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nooruse Maja, my host organisation.

Nooruse Maja is a non-profital organization based in Pärnu, summer capital of Estonia, 130km from Tallinn and 190km from Riga, on the Baltic shore. Nooruse Maja is a cultural house that provides many opportunities for the local community but also with many people we have contact with over the world. they offers with their Folk University languages, computer, art classes but also they have associations who offer a wide variety of activities throughout the year such as zumba, ballroom dances, etc.

Nooruse Maja is more than just a cultural house, they are also a gateway to Europe, a people's university, a place to talk about your project, to share and meet with new people. To make it short here you can learn, enjoy and share with different kind of people.

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