Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Au revoir la France, Tere Eesti !! (1)

Going to Estonia wasn't that easy to prepare at home and thanks to the different transport companies, tt would have been even « better ».

Preparing my suitcase wasn't an easy task. I could only take 20kg/44lbs in my registered luggage and 8kg/17.6lbs in my hand luggage. This is not very much when you're supposed to travel an stay in the same place for 8 months. I didn't know how this company, Air baltic would do with my suitaces, if they will be very strict or not about the weight. I finally ended with 20,2kg/44lbs and 11kg/22lbs which was still ok I thought. I haven't counted my laptop and kept my finger crossed for the check-in not to weigh this and make me pay for some extra kilos.

So I woke up on Thursday at 5am (ouch!) to get prepared to go to the train station for my train to arrive at Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle around 10.45am. Until my first change, it was ok but from there until a lay-over near Paris and the airport, I got delayed. Usually the french TGV (High speed train) is going very fast and on time but that day, other trains had problems and we had to wait for them. In the end I was about 45 min late at the airport. It's for those kind of events I prefer to arrive early at the airport as I don't want to rush to the registring gate.

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