Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Home cooking. Well almost. (2)

After the presentation of the dishes by Paul, everyone put on an apron to feel like a real chef and went for one of the station to start cooking. One of the participants, a tall blond tattooed guy, brought his own apron and more surprisingly his own cutting knife. When I checked what it was, I saw the price he paid by ordering it from the Internet (230€/300$) I was a bit shocked. What I didn’t know at that moment was he’s working as a chef on a boat. That explains certain things.
As I was already shooting pictures when everybody arrived, Paul put me in charge of the serving the wine and make sure everybody always had something to drink. I essentially helped with finding the necessary utensils for the preparation. As we had trouble to find enough glasses and cutlery, I knew where to find things in this big kitchen. When everything was slowing cooking in the oven on the gas cooker, we sit down for a while and talk about nothing and everything at the same time. Of course, food and good cuisine was our main topic of conversation. When the dished were ready to be served, everyone went for the dining table and the tall long tattooed guy help in cutting the meat and made a wonderful work with the chicken. 
 Dishes we made during our cooking evening
When everyone was sitting down and had a bit of everything, we could only hear flies flying. It was impressive and the best compliment a chef can have for his food. Why would you talk when you are having such nice food. We only started to talk after tasting all the dishes.
After the chef served the dessert, only one small portion was left but not for long as Katerina, the other volunteer, took it back home. After cleaning the table, nobody was doing anything with the left-overs. I was very strongly recommended to bring everything back home with some doggy bag. It would have been a crime to leave it there or worse, throw it away. With all that boxes, I have enough food for several days!!

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