Friday, February 17, 2012

A little bit of auto-promotion: Wheelchair dancing.

As I can go to any class to check them and see for myself what they were doing, I went to a class given by Kaie, the folk and line dance teacher. I was surprised to see the doors of the dancing hall open during a workshop, something that normally doesn’t happen to avoid the noise in the other class. But it was for a good reason. That afternoon, the dance class wasn’t for valid but for wheel chair people. That is really cool of the teacher to organize such activities even though she is valid, she also uses a wheel chair to dance like them.
The Silver Wheels dancing in a contest
Even when Nooruse Maja is organising their annual Linedance festival, they are not left on the side of the road. No pun intended here but one the main event of the festival is a single line dance on a road in the countryside. It could be perfectly understandable for the organizers not to care about wheel chair people but they decided to include them in the program, in the dancers. They accounted for 1% (29 people for 2354 dancers) of the total participants for the Guinness world record they achieved in June 2008. Record we hope to break this year with more than 3000 people. I’ll be there to tell you all the latest news about it and more!
The Silver wheels during the Line Dance Festival

For pictures of wheel chair line dance, go thereFor the linedance festival, click here.
Pictures courtesy of Kaie Seger, dance teacher at Nooruse Maja.

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