Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Ice Festival (2): ice hockey games.

        It may sound not as interesting for my north-american readers, both Canadians and from the USA, but I wanted to see some hockey games during this festival. I didn’t know anything about it and never went to one game in my life. The closest thing I’ve done was watching the Olympic final between USA and Canada during the Salt Lake City games in 2004 with some of the Canadian students who lived in my student hall. So I was looking forward to it.
       So on Saturday, I managed to waked up not too late to go and see some of the games in Vallikäär where they had the opening ceremony. The players took it seriously but it wasn’t as violent as a game in the NHL. Moreover, they had some women playing with them. One of the goal keepers was one the woman from Tallinn. They had small matches of two periods of about 10 min each not to make it too long for people to watch. When we had the teams from Pärnu or the women team playing, more people were encouraging them. I didn’t understand a word of what my fellow supporter said but I guessed it. I don’t understand the rules of the game but it’s always fun to cheer up for one of the teams, especially if they’re playing well and fair.

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