Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My sending organisations

This a place of gathering for people of this district locate in the south-west of my home town, la Roche sur Yon in France. She offers permanent activities like art and crafts, a choir, yoga, hiking, gymnastics, sports (basket-ball, BMX), sign language classes, judo, activities for mums and very young children, etc.

Maison du Monde et des Citoyens
The « Maison du Monde et des Citoyens » is a department dedicated to international affairs created by the city of La Roche sur Yon more than ten years ago. Citizens can find : information on international subjects (solidarity, twinnings, development in less-favored countries, the European Union), advices and help for individual and collective projects on international matters, a section on animations and organisation of lectures on Europe and international themes.

Accredited Centre Europe Direct, she also aims for helping the internationel mobility of young people thanks to the documention and information at their disposal on financial logistic supports (Grant « Ulysse » to help for solidarity, discovery and intercultural exchanges ; Grant « Discover Europe » to encourage youngs from 16 to 30 years to discover at least two european countries outside any school or job programs), travelling and internships in foreign countries. Inernet information.

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