Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who the f*** brought water today?

Ok, I must tell you first this is not from me. I heard it while I was watching some student events. Last week-end was the local college’s student winter festival. So I decided to go out and check was they would be doing for the football/soccer and ice hockey. I decided to go for the ice hockey since it would be a great idea to see firsthand a sport I thought was popular here.
On Saturday morning, I meet this local student who brought me there. She decided to go through the beach to let me see how their famous summer site was during winter time. I knew there could be ice and snow on the beach but I wouldn’t think some penguins (see this post) needed to go 2 or 3km on the sea to have a decent depth of ice to be able to fish. At first they were the only people we saw so we were wondering if we were going the right direction. 
 the Baltic Sea in Parnu in Winter
After confirmation, we saw some people driving to the place where the beach or should I say snow football was taking place. Like in all student festivals, it was impossible to see some guys already a bit drunk or not yet sober from the opening party of the night before. That when I heard someone saying “who the f*** brought some water?”. My friend was laughing so much when she heard it. It wasn’t surprising from him as he got one beer in his hand and another one in his coat.
We decided to check some of them and we had it right. One of them was absolutely crazy. After they found out a promotion sign with Britney Spear with few clothes on, he offered “her” his coat, his scarf, pink chapka and invited “her” to the blanket he put on the frozen ground. When it was his turn to play, he tried to shoot the ball but couldn’t manage to do it as he felt on the ground before. We had a good time watching him. 
Football/soccer game on a icy and snowy groung
As for the ice-hockey, it was not what I expected. It’s logical they didn’t use normal ice hockey skates. It would have been too dangerous for them and their opponents. They simply played with hockey sticks and tennis balls on the frozen ground, so frozen it was not anymore snow but very much ice. It was when I saw them playing, I really started to feel the cold. It was time for me to go back home and have something nice and warm to drink, to help me warm up.

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