Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On-arrival EVS training - Day 1

        I'm just writting this short message to let my readers know I'm now in my EVS training in a small city called Viljandi (pronounce it Vilyandi). When you start an EVS, You will have two trainings you have to attend. The first one is after you arrive, no later than one month after your arrival. They explain you what is you should expect for your EVS, they give you more information about how you can use your experience or simply about the country you're in. The 2nd is the mid-term training. As I just arrived I don't know for sure what we will do but the trainers told us we will share our experience so far, give and take feedback from what we did so far in our organisation.
        This week, we are a group of 8 people: Alicja and Dominik from Poland, Heli from Czech Republic, Simone from Italy, Sean and Daire (sorry guy, I thought you were a girl ;) ) from Ireland and of course Katerina and me. This  just  afternoon we get to know each other, our background, our project and organisation. We had fun with some games to "break the ice". 
            I will try to keep you posted this week but as I might be a bit busy with the training and have fun too with the other volunteers, I don't know if I will post much. Pictures will also be a bit late as I will have to check them all. Just stay tuned to knwo my adventures in Viljandi.

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