Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome to the Penguins!

When we were given a small tour of of the city on Friday afternoon before going shopping for food and necessary things (hurray for a warm pair of shoes), our driver showed us briefly where was the river that flows inside the city. As it was very cold outside, we just saw it from the car window. We saw some people on the icey river and we were told they were fishing. Some people are coming during winter times to the river, make a hole and then fish by -20°c/-4°f with some wind of course. They’re called the penguins by locals as they try to get their fish from the ice. 

As I wanted to do almost like them, walking on the ice, I decided to do it on a better day. I can’t really warmer day as I had to wait for temperatures of around -10°C/14°F. This was done this Thursday morning when I was going to my organisation. I went with the other volunteer walking from the simpliest way possible and it implies going over the river. I told her I would do it and she was a bit scared of falling in the ice. I wouldn’t have done it in France but here, it’s ok as we have around 30/40cm/1.4 feet of ice. If local people are doing it, why not me? After we both arrived on the other side of the river, she was relieved I was ok. I wouldn’t mind though doing it more times…

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