Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Au revoir la France, Tere Eesti !! (2)

Upon arrival at Charle-de-Gaulle, I went directly to leave my registred luggage at the counter to be more free to wander in the airport. As I suspected, the stewart asked me to weigh both of my luggages which was a first time for my hand luggage. Even when I was travelling with other low cost companies, they never did that !! so I feared to pay for those 3 extra kilos. He asked me to take away enough things to put in my registered suitcase to finally « offering » me those 3kgs. He told me he won't make me pay this time but I should be careful next time. My flights went ok, except the lay-over in Riga. We were all waiting for the plane to take off but we heard several times the pilot telling us not to worry as they were waiting for the control tower to give the green light. I still don't know why we left the airport when we were supposed to arrived as I didn't understand the reasons for that. 

After we landed, I rushed to the luggage claim to take my suitcase and join my tutor, Uudo, and the other volunteer, Katerina from the Former Yougoslavian Republic of Macedonia who arrived 5h earlier than me. I couldn't make her wait more time as we were all tired and wanted to crash in our beds in Parnu. Uudo directly took us to our guest house where we will be spending all our night while in the city. After quickly connecting to the Internet to leave a message to the parents (very important!!), I went straight to the arms of Morpheus zzzzzzz

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