Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why not go sledging on Sunday

As part of the student festival, they organised a sledge ride competition on Sunday morning. Since I wanted to go out at least a little, I decided to go there. When I arrived early, I only saw young children with their parents on the hill. It brings back memories when I could do it behind my flat in France a few years ago. Too much nostalgia...When 12.30pm came, I saw some students coming. They brought some cardboard and plastic bag to make it better to sledge on the snow. Of course for everybody and especially for those not participating the competition, beers and redbulls couldn’t be failing. 

One of the guys we followed the day before was there too. He was even more drunk that the previous day at the same time. When everybody was preparing their sledge, he had this curious idea to transform himself in one human sledge. Yup, you read it right. He turned himself into a human sledge. First, he scotch taped some cardboard around him and some plastic bags with the help of his friends. As expected, he couldn’t move much, he felt on the ground several times before arriving to the top. Then, two of his friends sit on his back, him facing the snow and here they go. Unfortunately, they came last among the participants. They should have been first for the creativity of their sledge ride.

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