Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The weather is a tad too strange

Hello guys,
Some times we said people have nothing to talk about so they just talk about the weather. But here, it's actually a topic of conversation. The past week, it was a bit strange. well, completely strange I should say. At the beginning of the week, the snow had completely melted so we were all very happy about it since it meant the end of the winter time and the coming of better temperatures. Someone forgot to get some snow for Christmas so he decided to give some for Easter. Damn him!! if only he had made it the normal way. I might have been using my bicycle already. I really want to do it as I will be able to do some kind of sports (note to self: get a monthly card for the swimming pool).
So before we got this nice 10cm/3.5inch layer of snow, I went after work to take some pictures of some place in the city, Valikaar (the old fortress remains) and the beach. My tutor told us about an exhibition he would like to do about our views on Estonia. I really like this idea. That's why I decided to start already to take some pics I could include in this exhibition. I need to pay attention about the quality of the pics as it should be printed on A4 paper, hence the need of high quality pics to avoid a pixelisation of the images. I got one I want to include but heh, I won't show it now as I don't want to spoil the fun! ;)

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