Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Ice Festival (4): the concert for Independance Day

After our concert of Thu Feb, 23th, we decided to do it again the next day. On Friday, there was concert in the open air area of Valikaar with some youngster choirs and dancing group. They also invited two lead singers, Birgit Õigemeel and Tanel Padar – the latter won the Eurovision song contest for Estonia in 2001. Denis, Katerina from Macedonia, Anne-Marie and her friend from Luxemburg and me went to check that place to avoid staying at home doing nothing.

As we were running late, we went directly to the concert zone and keep the Ice Market for later. As we thought, i twas full of people. We still managed to get a good spot to see the stage and take some pictures. The most surprising part was the singer we saw the night before in a hard rock concert and the same dressed in some kind of traditional knitted clothes. We really enjoyed the music and the songs they had. Since we was pretty cold outside, we had to move after about 20/25 minutes into the concert as we didn’t want our feet to get frozen. The ice Market was small but interesting. Some people were selling honey lollipops, roasted almonds with garlic (nice, a bit too salty for my taste) and some smoked fish. Along with some traditional wooden ustensiles, two ladies were sellign some Tupperware items. It was a bit wierd to see them there in a « traditional » market, I’m not sure they were completely authorised as it was clashing with the rest of the items sold on the market. 

When our stomach asked for some food, we decided to go to some pizzeria they had in the area. Denis heard about Stephanie’s Pizza in Tallin and wanted to check if i twas that good so Katerina brought him there. I decided to join Anne-marie and her friend who were in another small pizzeria, Roberto’s, more authentic and traditional. That’s a place I will remember when I will be too lazy to cook and/or have nothing in the firdge or the cupboards.

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