Thursday, March 29, 2012

The city of Pärnu

After a few weeks of adaptation in the city I will stay during the coming months, I will present you the city of Parnu or Pärnu as they write it in Estonian.
5th city of the country, Pärnu is located on the Baltic Sea in the South West of Estonia. Due to her location, she was a key port for the german Hanseatic League since the port was free from ice during winters. More recently, since the middle of the 19th century, she became a famous spa and seaside town. The first spa opened in 1838 and in 2004, the Tervis spa was then the largest of its kind in the Baltic states. The tourism industry strongly developed since the 2nd independance and they were the first city in the region to obtain the Blue Flag which states the quality of its waters.
The city was also the stage of some landmark events for Estonia. The first ever newspapers in Estonian, the Posttimees, was published there in 1857. The Manifest for independance of the country was read in front of the Endla Theatre on February, 23rd 1918. There is a copy of the speech on the former location of the Endla theater. Every year, they organise the Ice Festival with sport events (ice hockey, cross country ski, ice fishing, basket ball, etc), ice sculpture, music and singing events, etc. The city or organisations from the town organise lots of festivals especially during summer time like the GrillFest (June 8th and 9th), the Porcelain Days (July, 27-29th), the LineDance Festival (August, 4-5th), etc. 
 the coat of arm, the official logo and the flag of Pärnu
Pärnu in facts :
Inhabitants : 44,024 (2009, numbers from the 2012 census unknown)
Area : 32,2 km²
128 km from Tallinn and 180 km from Riga (Latvia capital)
Official website of the city :
Tourism information:

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