Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I’m not biting.

Well, not at the moment.
I went this week to meet the French teachers and their pupils in the local highschools. I found it strange that none of the three teachers are French : two Estonians and one Greek. I was told they haven’t been learning French for too much, usually for several months at most. I didn’t prepare much for them as I didn’t want to scare them away from learning my beautiful language. I just went for some tongue twisters. Those little things are nasty for us, native people.
When I arrived in their classes, they were surprised to see me next to their teachers. I presented myself without revealing too much about me as they wouldn’t have asked me anything after. They were so shy to talk in French, so I said I wasn’t biting, they could talk. I’m actually proud of them as I know French is not an easy language. I was asked the usual questions about my hobbies outside my work, what I like to listen as french music. I also asked in return what they would advise me about Estonian musicians they listen. And of course, I couldn’t avoid answering the classical questions « do you have a girlfriend ? » and « do you like Estonian girls ? ». The former was asked by a7th grader girl ; they were gigling in the back of the classroom so I assume they were going for this question. Quand j’ai répondu non, elles avaient l’air soulagées. Katre the teacher told me they like me a lot. I don’t want to now what they had in mind exactly. The 2nd question was asked when I went to meet the 10th grades kids. The guy who asked me that question was a bit embarrassed to do so. Talking about this class, when they entered the room, I was wondering how many litres of soup they had each day to be sot all and so thin. I’m not particularly tall nor small but at just 16, they were already taller than me.

There was one class I came back since I was told by the teacher they would bake something for their last french class before the holiday. She didn’t know herself what they would do. I was surprised they did everything without the supervision of an adult. They even almost clean everything before leaving the kitchen. They had baked : waffles, some light vanillia flavoured biscuits, chocolate truffles, chocolate cupcakes, oats cookies and some kind of salty canapés with fish and eggs. The three boys of this class made the latter which coincidentally was the only I repeat because I like it and also because i twas the only I could repeat !! After the degustation, we played as the day before some tongue twisters but not only in French also in Estonian. They wanted to get revenge. After we played a snake and ladder game where the actions were replace by some simple exercises in French like counting from 1 to 10 or answering simple questions. To make it mor fun for me, I decided to do it in Estonian. I was lucky it wasn’t very hard. The kids were looking at me to see if I could pronounced correctly numbers or if I knew the corresponding words. I have to say I was very proud of myself during this game !!

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