Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bon Appétit: Wheat Fricassee in Provence style

For the recipe, click on the picture (in french only).
Preparation : 15min, cooking : 20/25min.
Ingredients :
150grs of bulgur - if you can’t find it, use wheat grains
1 big can of tuna in brine or oil – around 100grs or 3.6 oz of fresh tuna
(if you want to do it with meat, 250/300grs of chicken will do the trick)
2 big tomatoes
½ a medium onion
I red pepper
1 courgette/zucchini
½ eggplant
1 big can of Tomato Purée
Olive Oil, salt, pepper

Preparation :
Wash, peel (except the pepper) and cut all vegetables, and meat if needed, into small cubes.
In a big frying pan, cook until golden the onion along with the pepper
Then add vegetables, salt, pepper and stir
At this moment, you should put the bulgur or wheat to cook like rice
Just before the water is completely evaporated, add the chicken if you choose meat. In case of fish, wait until there is no more water from the vegetables.
Pour the tomatoe purée diluded in water (to your convenience) ; let it stew for a few minutes at low heat
About 5 minutes before the wheat is al dente, pour it into the frying pan with the preparation and let it stew during a few minutes on low heat.
Be careful : do not let the tomatoe sauce stick onto the pan. You should be able to have lots of sauce ; Add more water if you want.

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