Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Media review: in the press (english version)

    Finally thanks to a estonian friend, I managed to translate the article a journalist wrote about me and Katerina the other wolunteers in Nooruse Maja. Now for all my fanbase, here is the article published in Pärnu Postimees by Karin Klaus on March 10th for the week-end edition. The original article in Estonian with a photo of the newspaper article is here.

Volunteer are bringing fresh air to Rääma
    In Nooruse Maja there has been already volunteers from EVS already for 3 years. During the past, the volunteers have been from France and this year they are from France and Macedonia.
    Pierre-Marie Brianceau and Katarina Petreska arrived in Pärnu on a freezing cold february day and so far they are quite pleased.
    Katerina states that she could’ve choosen between Greece, Romania and Estonia and comparing to other Eastern European countries, it seemed exotic enough. Katerina did volunteer work already back home while being a mentor in an ecology project. In the future she likes to work with young people or create her own organisation because she has always liked helping people.
    Pierre-Marie who studied international business management at home said that he joined EVS because he was looking for a new challenge, wanted to find and meet new interesting people. In the future he would like to work with European international projects and EVS experience will definitely become useful. In summer he would like to organise something with the current volunteers in Estonia because that would help to increase the co-operating and it would help solve problems.
    During the month the volunteers have lived in Pärnu they have already participated in the Ice Festival, helped to organise the Theatre festival and also have gotten to travel around Estonia and participate in a volunteer seminar in Viljandi.
Pierre is helping to the students who are learning french and he has plans to start organising theme nights to introduce chinese language and culture. Both of the volunteers have just started the Estonian classes.
    On the free time Katerina loves walking, reading and shopping. Pierre is looking for a place to play volleyball and currently he’s also keeping the blog fromparnuwithlove.blogspot.com in where he writes stories about Pärnu, including funny moments such as eating vastlakukkel (traditional estonian brioches made on Shrove day), sledging, walking across the Pärnu river on first time and so on. All that illustrating it with plenty of photos.
    To get more acquainted with Pierre, people can join the French day on 24th of March and the macedonian day will be on the 14th of April.
„Hard working and educated people“ stated the manager of Nooruse Maja Uudo Laane who said that Pierre and Katerina are assisting Nooruse Maja with current European projects, helping to organise events and do some advertising. The main purpose is to use the young people’s ideas as much as possible to get some extra value to Nooruse Maja.
During those couple of weeks they have lived here, they have already both found lots of new friends, learned how to walk on ice and etc. They also stated that though they are coming from warmer climate, with open-minded society, even though people on the street don’t kiss or hug and seems rather distant, they are very nice and kind people once you get to know them.
    Katerina was touched by the movie about the Estonian Singing revolution and she said that it was so touching that people just come together and sing. She also thinks that Estonia is much calmer and nicer than Macedonia because there is less cars and people are not rushing everywhere.
    The volunteers are gonna be in Pärnu until September and already Uudo Laane is looking for other volunteers. He says that he gets multiple applications every day and so he has plenty of people to choose from. He also states that it’s irrelevant which country the person is from but rather the ideas, initiative, creativity that are what are important for him.

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