Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A new italian ice cream shop in Pärnu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear readers,
As the summer is arriving fast here in Pärnu, I will need some ice creams. It's impossible for me not to enjoy summer without ice-cream. I have very fond memories of this italian ice-cream shop in Pompei where I went when I was about 12 years old. This is where I had two scoops of melon and kiwi for the time in my life. Since then, I try to have those flavour as much as possible. 
some of the flavours at Mama Toni's gelato
When I arrived in Pärnu, I met an American woman, Toni, who is opening a gelato shop close to the beach of the city. I am waiting anxiously the opening to try them. This joyful moment will be this week on Thursday, May 24th around 7pm. I don't know how many people will beat me at waiting in front of the door but they won't be a lot, trust me on that!!!!!

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